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Our vision

In Solstice Practice, we acknowledge that being healthy is more than just not having any physical complaints.

Health is a complex dynamic between the different physical, mental, emotional, environmental and even spiritual fields... Their interactions and adaptations to our life make us to not only sustain but also flourish in our life.

When we are feeling healthy, energy is there and flowing, we have a sense of peace, enthusiasm for life, and we feel connected to our body.

In this state, the dynamics between the different fields (physical, emotional...) are finding their natural way of balancing each other.


In contrary, when we feel unease or in suffering, something is blocking the natural dynamics in finding back its balance. It feels like a long winter, where something has frozen and is blocking the water to flow. With somatic and nondual inquiry, we look together with you towards the source of the blockage and with the light of presence let it melt at its own rhythm until the natural flow finds it way back. 

If you are suffering from a chronicle physical or mental pain that haven't find its solution in classical medicine, maybe this holistic approach can be an interesting one for you. 




“In general, where we suffer, there is a sense of contraction or freeze. This freeze creates stress. When the stress is ignored, the contracted energy becomes depressed. Yet it’s still there, creating bottlenecks and restraints in the flow of vitality through the body, psyche and mind.”

Our approach

In Solstice Practice we meet you where you are and take your complaints and personal story in the heart of our approach.

Our first session contains an in depth intake, looking at a variety of components, from physical to emotional, relational... to start having a bigger picture of the overall situation and the mechanisms which are in place. 


In a session of an hour, in collaboration and agreement with you, we might talk, touch, move to come into presence with what is blocking your natural balance to be.


 As the entire body participates in each emotion, attitude, identity, thought and belief, all our approach and tools are there to not only interact with the mind, but go beyond at the core of the experience in the body.

In Solstice Practice we take our time to explore with you all the dynamics of our being and support you in finding your own sense of balance and come to a sustainable solution.

“Most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, a phenomenon with little or no connection to the physical body. Conversely, physicians treat the body with no regard to the mind or the emotions. But the body and mind are not separate, and we cannot treat one without the other.”

Our education and experience.

Sjors Van de Langenberg

Professional Background

Work History;

2011 to 2019 Working as a psychosomatic therapist, and reintegration coach at Top Care rehabilitation center specialised in chronic pain and fatigue complaints. 

2019 to 2022 Working as a psychosomatic therapist, holistic therapist and reintegration specialist at rehabilitation center OCA.

Relevant education;

15-11-2020 Somatic Experience Trauma therapy

10-2-2020 Exposure in Chronic Pain

9-12-2019 Fatigue in Chronic Pain

28-11-2019 Basic Oncological Rehabilitation

31-10-2019 Basic course OCA diffused pain

20-08-2019 Work and Reintegration OCA

19-5-2014 Pain, principles for pain, analysis and pain treatment

07-3-2014 Masterclass Rehabilitation Specialist

08-06-2013 MBTI Personality based therapy 

01-06-2013 Primary and existential coping

14-11-2012 Holistic approach and transformative dynamic

10-03-2012 Periscoop training in looking beyond the  surface

07-06-2010 Graduaded as a Physicaltherapist  with Minor applied Psychology

Natacha Van de Langenberg

Professional Background

Work History;

2016 - 2023 Working as meditation, yoga and nondual therapist and teacher for individuals and groups in public institutions for vulnerable young people, migrants, chronicle pains patients, creatives, schools and universities (Mission Locale, NFTI, Design Academy Eindhoven, Primary school Montpellier...)

Relevant education;

2022 - onwards

Yoga and nondual inquiry training (500 hours)

Somatic Yoga Training (50 hours)

Mind Training (100 hours)


Mindfulness Training (50 hours)

Thai Yoga Massage Training (200hours) 

Ayurveda Training (50 hours)


Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Training (50 hours)

Graduated Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours)

“No matter how much insight and understanding we develop, the rational brain is basically impotent to talk the emotional brain out of its own reality.”

Our field of interest and inspiration



Jungian therapy

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Zen buddhism


The school of life

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Trauma therapy

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Body Therapy

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Myths and ancestral wisdom

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